Many people may still have a question: How long can we wear an FFP2 NR Mask?  


FFP2 Mask with CE is recommended to wear by most EU countries to protect each other. People have been wearing Masks for more than 1 year. 

 FFP2 Mask

Some of them have greatly extended the use time of Masks, even up to 21 hours. The average use time of Disposable Masks is around 12 hours.

According to official recommendations, the use time of Reusable Masks and Disposable Masks is 4 hours. If it is reusable, it should follow the maximum number of cleanings indicated by the FFP2 Mask Manufacturer, and if it is disposable, it should be discarded after four hours.

It is recommended not to use them for more than 8 hours for the CTC Connexions FFP2 Masks. It is recommended that you replace them if they become damp, dirty or deteriorated due to use.

Hopefully the whole world can defeat the terrible Pandemic at earliest time.

We can freely travel to different places and do not need to wear a Mask any more.